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What is Beyond Quantum Healing?

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) was created by Candace Craw-Goldman and based upon classic “past life regression” hypnosis models with a similar structure to that of QHHT® with an interview, preparing conversation, hypnosis/past life regression and review/post talk, as well as an audio recording of the hypnosis part of the session.

The information on “What happens in a session” and “How to prepare for a Session” apply to both QHHT® and BQH.

The big difference between the two modalities is that QHHT® does not mix modalities whereas BQH promotes the idea of allowing energy healers to use all their skills and resources such as meditations, reiki, crystals, sound or angel healing etc in service to their clients, and sessions can be conducted on-line to allow a client to choose to have the session in the comfort of their own home. This means in-person sessions as well as online sessions are possible!  However, Quantum Healing with Yve chooses not to do on-line sessions and prefers to facilitate BQH sessions in-person.