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Booking a Quantum Healing Session

QHHT® sessions  are always facilitated in-person on a one-to-one basis.

BQH sessions can be facilitated on-line as well as in-person, however, Quantum Healing with Yve does not do on-line sessions and prefers to facilitate in-person sessions only.  

Both QHHT® and BQH include:

  • Past Life Regression /In between Lives/Future Life Progression
  • Body Scan/Healing
  • Answers to your Questions from your Subconscious/High Self
  • Audio recording of your session
  • Session Fee : £190 for a 4-5 hour session, but may run longer. 
  • Sliding scale of cost available:  If you are undergoing difficult times financially a sliding cost scale or donation is available which I will be happy to discuss. 

Location:   Caerphilly, CF83, South Wales, United Kingdom.


All Quantum Healing enquiries are via email to or alternatively by completing the form below ensuring you leave a telephone number and best time of day (preferably in the evening) for me to call you to have a short informal chat, answer any questions you may wish to ask about QHHT®/BQH and if going forward discuss a date to experience your very own private face-to-face session, which will take place in a safe and comfortable environment.  I will then forward full details. 

Love and Light,