FAQ’s – Frequently asked Questions

How can a Quantum Healing session benefit me? Both QHHT and BQH modalities provide a direct and immediate link with your Higher Self / Subconscious mind where questions provided by you can be explored.  Answers provided may be about one’s life; connection with your Higher Self; opening the heart & intuition; healing; fears & phobias; guidance; metaphysical answers; purpose; spiritual development; relationships; career transition & advancement and much more.

Can I be hypnotised? Yes, if you want to! Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind, one that occurs more frequently than you realise. If you were ever watching TV and someone was talking with you and you claimed you never heard them… then you were in a hypnotic state. (This happens to me all the time…).  If you were ever driving and realised you just driven 5 miles and you have no memory of doing it… then you were in a hypnotic state.

Both QHHT and BQH modalities include steps to naturally and gently guide people into a deep and relaxed state where discussions with the Higher Self / Subconscious mind takes place.

I am afraid of losing control while under hypnosis A client never loses their self-control or free will while in a deep hypnotic state. As the client you always have a choice and can disengage at any point during the session.

Is it possible to see or experience something that I might/don’t want to? Absolutely not. Your Higher Self / Subconscious would never give you anything that you’re not ready to know. What you will experience and the information that you will receive in the session are given to you in the most compassionate way possible, while at the same time acquiring the healing you require.

What if I can’t reach the desired level of hypnosis? I have no expectations for your experience, and neither should you! Anxiety might affect your ability to be in hypnotic state. You are encouraged to practice relaxation or meditation prior to your session, this will allow you to experience a deeper trance.

Will I forget everything that happens while I am hypnotised? Some people do forget what they said once they are brought into an awaken state. Many people remember parts of their session, but most will eventually only remember bits and pieces as the day moves along. This is why we have a debriefing of the key points after your come out of your deep relaxed state. During the debriefing, anything I mention from the session you will remember if I prompt you with a statement your Higher Self / Subconscious made. Additionally, you will receive a recording of your regression session.

Do I need to do anything special for the session? Bring a list of questions that you want answered or resolved. This is your session and my goal is to ensure you received the maximum long-term benefit for the time you are investing. Come with an open mind with no expectations.

I suggest you read “How to prepare for a Sessionwhich will prepare you to have the most enjoyable and exciting session when you come for your session.

Do I really have Past Lives? It’s not important if you believe in reincarnation or not to have a successful session. But it is important to come to your session with an open mind and the desire to explore and enjoy the experience.

Will I need a follow up session(s)? One Quantum Healing session alone has the potential to facilitate a profound level of healing and deliver answers to your questions, however sometimes a follow up session can be very helpful to track progress or to ask further questions. The follow up session is usually shorter and can be scheduled after 1 or 2 months.